All Glass Art - art glass made by Heather Oliver                 2017

Over the last few years, I have been working on some glass picture projects and enjoying the results very much. The pictures are 'painted' inside layers of glass with glass powders and the layers are then fused together. I have taken inspiration from views seen on holidays. They are known as "Painting with light"

Some of these paintings are best placed where the light can shine through from behind. Others like this one are best seen with the light coming from the front.

This one is of Widemouth Bay in Cornwall. It is quite small, only about 8 x 6 inches.

This is a different type of picture but again made only with glass. It stands alone and gives a real preview of Spring.

This is a picture of Loch Awe in Scotland and is best seen with light coming from behind as on a window sill.