All Glass Art - art glass made by Heather Oliver                  2017

The pieces range in size down from 28 cms across but as they vary please ask if you want to know the exact size of a piece.

This is a sort of cross between a picture and a plate.  It is able to be used as a plate but is clearly also made to be a picture.  It was intended to be poppies and a reminder for me of the famous Monet painting.

It is difficult to photo the iridescence of this glass so you need to see it to appreciate the colours.

I call this type of bowl “Petal-drop” as they are like the carpet of petals after a tree has dropped its blossoms. Made in several different colours and sizes, each one is unique although in the same style.

This large plate has brass and copper inclusions for a touch of sparkle.  The pale lilac contrasts well with the turquoise while the pink adds pizazz.

These dishes are effective but simple coloured designs for serving.

A Christmas bowl and serving dish Holly Berries and Trees to add Christmas joy to your table.  

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